Lyon weather history

Lyon, strategically nestled between the Rhône and Saône rivers in the southeastern part of France, experiences a semi-continental climate. This means that while it has characteristics of the oceanic climate found in Paris, it also leans towards a more continental influence, resulting in hotter summers and colder winters. Summers in Lyon are warm, occasionally punctuated by heatwaves, while winters can be chilly with sporadic snowfall. The city also occasionally feels the effects of the Mistral wind, which can bring clear skies and cooler temperatures.

  1. Spring:
    • Spring in Lyon witnesses a steady rise in temperatures, with average highs starting around 13°C (55°F) in March and reaching up to 20°C (68°F) by May.
    • Rainfall is moderate, and the city experiences increasing daylight hours as the season progresses.
  2. Summer:
    • Summer months are warm, with temperatures often in the mid to high 20s°C (70s°F). However, occasional heatwaves can push temperatures into the 30s°C (86°F and above).
    • Rainfall is relatively infrequent, but the city can experience occasional thunderstorms, especially in the late afternoons.
  3. Autumn:
    • Autumn sees a decline in temperatures, starting from the low 20s°C (70s°F) in September and dropping to the low teens°C (50s°F) by November.
    • Rainfall becomes more frequent, and the city can experience foggy mornings, especially along the rivers.
  4. Winter:
    • Winters in Lyon are cold, with temperatures typically ranging from 1°C to 6°C (34°F to 43°F). Freezing temperatures and frost are common.
    • Snowfall is occasional and usually light, but it can sometimes be more significant, especially in the surrounding hilly areas. The days are shorter with reduced sunlight.

Temperatures history

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Rainfall history

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