Bordeaux weather history

Bordeaux, renowned globally for its exceptional wines and situated in the southwestern part of France near the Atlantic coast, is characterized by an oceanic climate. This results in mild temperatures throughout the year, with warm summers and cool winters. Rainfall is relatively abundant, especially during the winter months, which contributes to the region's verdant landscapes and flourishing vineyards. Summers in Bordeaux are generally warm, but the proximity to the Atlantic Ocean can bring occasional cooler spells and rain showers. Winters are moderate, with frost being infrequent but not uncommon.


  • Spring in Bordeaux is marked by a gradual warming trend. Early in the season, average highs are around 14°C (57°F), and by the end of spring, they can reach up to 21°C (70°F).
  • Rainfall is moderate, and the vineyards surrounding Bordeaux begin to show their first green shoots, signaling the start of the grape-growing season.


  • Summer is generally warm and can occasionally be hot. Temperatures frequently lie in the mid to high 20s°C (70s to 80s°F).
  • Rainfall is sporadic, with occasional thunderstorms. The region's vineyards are in full bloom during these months, making it a popular time for wine tourism.


  • Autumn sees a cooling trend, with temperatures starting from the low 20s°C (70s°F) early in the season and dropping to the mid-teens°C (60s°F) by its end.
  • Rainfall increases, making this season one of the wetter periods of the year. The vineyards showcase a beautiful array of colors as the grape harvest gets underway.


  • Winters in Bordeaux are mild, with temperatures typically ranging from 3°C to 11°C (37°F to 52°F).
  • Snowfall is rare but not unheard of. The region can experience bouts of rainfall, and occasionally, Atlantic storms can bring heavier rain and strong winds.

Temperatures history

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Rainfall history

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