Live inventory of Paris Vélib stations

Published on
August 5, 2023
Updated on
August 5, 2023
If you’re interested in understanding how I built this dashboard, I uncover the data pipeline in this blog post.

Vélib is a large-scale public bicycle sharing system in Paris, France. The name Vélib is a portmanteau of "vélo" (French for "bicycle") and "liberté" ("freedom"). The program was launched in 2007, and is considered one of the largest bike-sharing services globally. Vélib allows users to rent bicycles for short and long periods, depending on their needs. Users can purchase a variety of passes, from short-term tickets to long-term subscriptions. Vélib also includes electric bikes in addition to regular bicycles.

The service operates around 1500 stations across Paris and its surrounding suburbs, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists for commuting, running errands, or simply enjoying a ride around the city.

Live inventory of Vélib stations

The map provided shows the real-time inventory of all Vélib' stations across Paris and nearby cities updated every minute, sourced directly from the official Vélib API. For comprehensive details on each station, navigate to the full list below or explore the additional data visualizations further down the page.

Last 24 hours inventory of any station

The dashboard below offers a detailed view of the inventory for any Vélib' station of your choice. It provides updates every 10 minutes, charting the station's inventory fluctuations over the past 24 hours. This feature allows you to understand the availability dynamics at specific stations throughout the day.

Usual availability by hour and weekday

For strategic planning of your bicycling journey in Paris, this resource provides the typical count of available Vélib' bikes for each hour and weekday. The data is averaged over the past month and is specific to the station you select. This information enables an understanding of station usage trends, assisting you in optimal bike planning.

All 1500 Vélib stations

Below is the list all Vélib stations in Paris and nearby cities, with their live situation updated in real time.

24-hour timelapse of all Velib stations

Here is the global evolution of all stations over the last 24 hours, as a timelapse.

<iframe src="https://storage.googleapis.com/charlse/parigovelo/velib_stations_timelapse.html" height="520"><iframe>