Notion tips and tricks

Notion tips and tricks

Published on
April 30, 2023
Updated on
May 1, 2023

Notion is my favorite productivity app, I use it every day at work and for personal projects. This website itself is actually a Notion space made accessible with, which reduces the writing-to-publishing time to zero.

Here are some pro-tips that may be useful to Notion users.

Shorter Notion page links

A link to a Notion page typically includes the current title of the page (with dashes for spaces), and ends with its unique ID, like the following pattern:

But if you remove the title part from the link, and just keep the UID, it will still automatically redirect to the correct page. For example, this shorter link is perfectly valid:

Add table rows and columns on iOS app

It can be tricky to find how to add rows and columns to a simple table in the Notion app for iPhone and iPad. Here’s how:

1. Select the row/column to make appear the 3 dots on the left/top.
2. Tap it, which displays a number of options, including inserting rows/columns.

Vertically split blocks within toggle block

Theoretically, it is impossible to split content into columns when nested inside a toogle block. However there is a workaround: start by arranging your blocks in columns as desired, and then convert the parent block into a toggle. The layout will be preserved.

Example toggle block ⤵️

Left column block

Right column block

Copy-paste text into a table

It doesn’t always work to directly copy-paste text content to a Notion table: often, everything is pasted in the same cell, while you want it to be dispatched in rows and columns.

A workaround is to first put the content in Excel or Google Sheet, then copy from the spreadsheet and paste into the Notion table. It should properly distribute the content.

Import CSV file as database

When importing a CSV file as a database, the title of each entry will be the first text column. You can’t change which property will be the title, so make sure that you have the columns in right order before importing.