Flatten JSON files with pandas

Flattening nested JSON data and export it to CSV can often be done easily with pandas Series.


# Load libraries
import pandas as pd
import json

# Load JSON file as a Dict
with open('data/nested.json') as f:
    raw = json.load(f)

{'header': 'title',
 'stuff': {'intro': 'hello',
  'onetype': {'id': 1, 'name': 'John Doe'},
  'othertype': {'id': 2, 'company': 'ACME'}},
 'otherstuff': {'thing': {'first': 'this', 'second': 'that'}}}

Flatten JSON

# Flatten JSON, with field names separated with a dot
flat = pd.Series(
		pd.json_normalize(raw, sep='.')
header                        title
stuff.intro                   hello
stuff.onetype.id                  1
stuff.onetype.name         John Doe
stuff.othertype.id                2
stuff.othertype.company        ACME
otherstuff.thing.first         this
otherstuff.thing.second        that
dtype: object
# Export to CSV