Trying MidJourney portrait styles

Published on
May 10, 2023

I’ve been trying to generate a fictional character in MidJourney, a modern gentleman. But I found out that the hardest part isn’t to generate a portrait that corresponds to the description. It’s to find the right style. A guy referenced dozens of style in a Google Spreadsheet, but I decided to try some other more generic styles.

Here is the prompt used, only the <style> placeholder was changed each time:

style like <style>, a 19th century gentleman, green jacket, blond disheveled hair, tie, looking nice and funny and intellectual, smiling, absentminded, forgetful, wearing round glasses

Pixar 3D


✅ This style is a MidJourney classic, and it works every time.



❌ Definitely not the Tintin I had in mind…

Child book


❌ I was actually expecting a character in the style of a book for children… not a child from a 19th century book.

Marvel comics


🤔 I’m not an expert in Marvel comics, I suppose it may approximately fit the style.

Belgian comics


❌ I’m actually a fan of classical belgian comics, and characaters definitely do not look like that. Definitely not.

Blake and Mortimer


❌ Again, we’re far from the 50s - 60s classic vibes of the famous comics.

Corto Maltese


❌ The lower left may look like Corto Maltese at the Fashion week, but otherwise, Hugo Pratt’s style is much simpler.

80s japanese anime


🤔 Okay for the two characters at the bottom, but the top ones are not like it.

Peter Bagge


🤔 Dunno. I was just trying a random style.

Roy Lichtenstein


🤔 Where are Lichtenstein’s signature dots?