About me

👋 Hi, I’m Charles. I'm a Data Scientist with background in digital media advertising, grown in several agencies and at Google, and currently working for a French Tech company in Paris.

📨 Contact me: hello@charl.se

💻 My current tech stack for data science:

  • Hardware: Macbook Pro 13" with M1 silicon , 16GB RAM and 256GB HDD – and a pair of Airpods Pro
  • IDE: Visual Studio Code with as few extensions as possible (includes Markdown All in One, Rainbow CSV and SQLTools)
  • Python package manager: Miniconda, with the essential libraries (pandas is obviously #1, and usual suspects include seaborn, NumPy, SQLAlchemy and Google Cloud libraries)
  • Notebooks: Jupyterlab on local machine, but also increasingly on Google Cloud-hosted notebooks
  • Database: BigQuery is my preferred analytical data warehouse, for its fast performance whatever the dataset size, and for interactive queries debugging
  • Versioning: Github, switching from Gitlab, for its pixel-perfect UI and powerful new features like Codespaces
  • Email, file storage and VPN: the full Proton suite (read more)